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Fun facts about Me

I am a certified holistic health coach

who loves to travel, chase adventure

practice reiki, yoga, meditation

writing, acting, photography

 be one with nature

and sometimes act silly

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On the summit of siguniang shan

Sichuan China



After playing Holi

Pushkar, India



Playing Dress up

Kyoto Japan



My health journey began with a quite abrupt wake up call when I was living in China, teaching English. Although I can trace back the beginning of my symptoms all the way back to my freshmen year of college, everything really came to a head when I tried quitting birth control while living in China. 


All of a sudden my body was breaking on me! the years of antibiotics, birth control and fast living had taken a toll on my health. I didn’t have my period for 6 months and started to worry I might be infertile at 22! I started to get terrible acne, weight gain and mood swings. I had extreme fatigue yet felt wired, and at my lowest my hair started coming out in clumps in the shower. Worst of all, I was in a complete state of emotional distress, trying to figure out what was wrong with me. I felt the weight of anxiety and fear play out in my head if I would ever be able to get my body back, like it had gone rogue and was turning against me.   


Experiencing all of this while living in a small city in China where there were exactly 6 foreigners nevertheless a western conventional doctor,  forced me to do my own research and so my journey began.


What I discovered along the way was just how complex and delicate our physical ecosystems are, and that healing comes from a journey within ourselves not just from the physical exterior. I also grew awareness of how my emotional health had been suffering for a long time now and I began uncovering what it means to be authentic. Underneath the need for approval from others, anxiety that I was never good enough and an unhealthy chase for what my life “should” look like, was a freedom to breath deeply and know true joy.

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Now I am driven by a deep desire to help others. Because I know how horrible it is to feel desperate and hopeless in search for solutions and answers, I wouldn’t dream that state of distress on anyone.  As an avid traveler with a lust for life, I know how disheartening a diagnosis can be, how it can make you feel like your wings are clipped. My mission is to help women suffering from low self worth and broken bodies find guidance I wish I had and shed light in the darkness. I am here to be a partner, teacher and support system for women on their own health Journey.