Game of Thrones and Autoimmunity


It's sad to see that our favorite show of this season has closed with its finally,  so I wanted to give you guys a little bit more action ;). I thought it would be interesting to explore auto-immune conditions through the lens of the game of thrones. I mean think about it, who will win the game of thrones inside of you? 

Underlying parasite infections are as insidious as little finger


There has been a lot of research supporting that a lot of auto-immune conditions can be triggered by underlying parasite infections.  They can burrow and hide away when food doesn’t seem present, they can disrupt your sleep (because that is when they are most active) which can lead to the lost opportunity to heal. Parasites also steal your food! They eat all of those delicious trace minerals that you get from your oh so expensive organic food. Parasites are opportunistic creatures, just like little finger. Little finger has always been in the background manipulating all of the other characters, slowly but surely turning the tide In his favor. We all watched and cringed EVERY SINGLE TIME he somehow twisted people against each other and got one step closer to his own mission. If you have been doing everything right and still don’t understand why you feel like crap, there might be a little finger in your midst. Here is the real kicker, most people don’t know if they have an infection and most doctor’s don’t check, and IF they do check, the labs are not sensitive enough to find anything. 

Molecular mimicry is the no-faces in the game of thrones


Parasites are one thing, bacterial infections are a whole other beast. If your body were the game of thrones then no doubt bacterial infections are like the sneaky ninja like no-face characters that made Ayra so bad-ass. In fact, bacterial infections are so much like the no-face ninjas that they actually have a ninja like move called molecular mimicry. Molecular mimicry is when the bacteria try to hide from your immune system through camouflage by actually copying the protein molecular makeup of neighboring cells, like thyroid cells for example, making your immune system confused and begin to attack your own thyroid tissue. In a way bacterial infections, if left unchecked, is like having an entire underground ninja army that you didn’t even know about making you feel like crap. 

Cersei is the Gluten and glyphosate that reigns supreme in your diet. 


Gluten. Gluten. Gluten.  We have heard a lot about gluten lately in the health and wellness sphere and for good reason.  

Gluten seems to be lurking in the most uncommon places that you may never suspect: in your chapstick, in your body wash, in your sushi!  Gluten has its grips in so many areas of our every day lives, it truly sits on the iron thrown for destroying your body out of the mere exposure. But on a more insidious level, it tears away the lining of your small intestine, allowing undigested food particles to enter your blood stream and irritate your system. It has also been linked to addiction as it perfectly fits the opioid receptor sites in your brain, making you think that you need more. Also, the irritation to the gut can cause low stomach acid which could leave you vulnerable to parasites and bacteria that would normally be killed during digestion. I could go on, but I think you get the idea. 

The whole time I was watching game of thrones I just thought, why can’t Arya just go in and kill her already?! The world would be such a better place if this ONE PERSON was out of the picture. 


I feel the EXACT SAME about gluten. 


King of the white walkers... more like king of the antibodies! 


When you are suffering an autoimmune condition and you get your antibodies tested, it might feel like you are at war with the number of antibodies your body seems to be producing. Antibodies are like the night walkers, your immune system gone rogue and turned against you. Just like in game of thrones, for every immune cell that is ‘“turned” over to the dark side, you are slowly building an army hell bent on destroying you, or your thyroid or any other organ that it has set its eyes on. If I had to equate the king to any one thing in your body it would be the DNA deep within your cells that make you prone to autoimmune disease. However whether or not the king of the white walkers can thrive depends entirely on your diet and lifestyle. The king of the white walkers would be nothing without the walking dead and the cold that he lives and breaths just like your genetic predisposition would be nothing without the right environment that triggers its expression. Thanks to the research in epigenetics, we know that you can absolutely take power away from the those genes just like throwing flames on the king of the white walkers. 


How to win the game of thrones, and finding your own dragon glass. 



Here is the truth, your immune system already has the capability to heal and to correct itself, all you have to do is get out of its way. Your body WANTS TO HEAL, it is as simple as that. In reality there is really only one who sits on the iron thrown and that is YOU. You are in control here. When you get to work on cleaning up your diet and lifestyle, you can get out of your own way so to speak and let your body do the healing it so desperately wants to. 


So there you have it, if you guys like this one maybe I’ll come out with a trilogy ;)

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