5 health benefits of the ocean

The ocean feeds my soul.

When I throw myself into those frothy waves, her cold embrace shocks my sun soaked skin.

I love the smell of the ocean, a sweet yet sultry aroma that meets you on the tail end of a cool breeze.

I love sitting on the beach watching the moon light reflect upon the rippling waves like mosaic painting.


A deep part of me is pulled into her powerful caress


It is beyond rejuvenating.


It is nourishing body and spirit.

So nourishing in fact that I have noticed a few changes since moving to Bali: my skin is clearer and softer, I sleep better, I have more energy throughout the day, and my hair and nails are longer and thicker.

Come and let us explore the gifts of the ocean.

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The sweet ocean air

That same air that greets you before your feet even touch the water is the same air that is infused with vital and healing minerals that you literally breathe in. The Wall Street Journal reports that breathing in that sultry air improves respiratory health. The salty air is reported to help clear lung passages, resulting in less need of antibiotics, and people with asthma experienced fewer and lessened episodes.


Salt water is skin food.

You may have heard me mention that your skin Is a sponge, well this much is true for all the minerals like: iodine and magnesium found in ocean water that a lot of our soils, due to farming, is now depleted in. Both minerals are very important for hormone health, with iodine supporting a healthy thyroid and magnesium having an anti-inflammatory and calming effect. To put it simply every time you swim in the ocean it is like having a very strong Epsom salt bath and you skin is drinking in all those minerals. Also the ocean water is known to be antibacterial so it does help to improve skin conditions such as acne, dandruff, and rosacea.



Grounding in the sand.

There is a ton of research that has come out exploring the healing benefits of sticking your bare feet in the sand. It’s a new thing called “earthing” in which you let your bare feet connect with the earth and in so doing are able to soak up the Earth’s free electrons which has a strong anti-inflammatory effect. According to the Journal of Environmental and Public health the Benefits of sandy feet are: reduces stress, improves sleep, reduces aches and pain, improves blood sugar, improves the function of the immune system and encourages a state of well being. In short a soft and sandy walk on the beach is like literally recharging with the Earth’s electric field.


Daily Dose of D.

Even if you consume vitamin D in your diet through food or supplements nothing replaces the most efficient way which is soaking those rays right into your skin. Vitamin D actually functions in the Body more like a hormone than a nutrient which means it's pretty important. Deficiency in Vitamin D has been linked to development of autoimmune conditions, hormonal imbalances, and compromised immune system. Additionally there are numerous other chemical interaction when we gather Vitamin D straight from the sun that actually produce feel good chemicals in the brain. Having enough Vitamin D helps to keep hormones balanced, improve the immune system, improves healing, improves sleep quality and prevents depression.


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In Closing: get thyself to the ocean this summer 🙂  




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