6 myths about your period.

Have you ever had a friend who is always annoyingly correcting you in grammar or unimportant facts?? They are always beginning their sentences with: “ummm, actually…” well sorry but not sorry, I’m about to be that friend while I bust some myths on the female cycle.


MYTH: I still have my period while on birth control. Actually the only time you have a true period bleed is after ovulation, and since you do not ovulate on BC what you are actually experiencing is a withdrawal bleed when you take the sugar pills instead of the hormones BC pills.

MYTH: Painful PMS is normal for all women. We should just accept it.  Wrong. Actually severe PMS is common but not healthy or “normal.” A healthy cycle will barely have any PMS symptoms and one can even be surprised to see spotting on the first day of their period.


MYTH: I can get pregnant most of my cycle. Actually there are only 6 or 7 days you can get pregnant and that is the days surrounding your ovulation. Around 20 days of a 28 day cycle you are infertile.

MYTH: I can’t get pregnant on my period. Actually although you are only fertile 7 days of your cycle, your ovulation could be close enough to your period that they overlap. Especially if you have longer cycles or irregular cycles.


MYTH: Natural fertility methods are not as reliable or successful as conventional methods. Actually there are plenty of tools and methods out there worth exploring that have just as high of a success rate. For example:

MYTH: your period is a source of shame and pain. Wrong, actually it is a beautiful thing greatly misunderstood and when embraced it is a source of power.