5 ways to sync your menstrual cycle to the moon

Traditionally all throughout hunting and gathering times leading up to modern civilization women’s menstrual cycles have always been synced with the moon. Women would ovulate during the full moon and start their period during the new moon, and were synced up to a 28 day cycle. In modern times however our exposure to electronics, artificial light and frequent travel confuses our systems and disrupts our connection to the moon.

As humans we are highly connected to natural light. The Sun begins a cascade of hormones in the morning and sets our circadian rhythm and darkness tells our bodies to begin the production of sleep hormones. The amount of moonlight we are exposed to can trigger the production of certain sex hormones that set up our menstrual cycle. The full moon triggers spikes in estrogen, the hormone leading up ovulation.

Think about it.

The full moon doesn’t just affect women’s menses, but also the tides of the ocean and mentally it triggers something wild in all of us. Statistically emergency hospital visits spike during the full moon, Newborn deliveries spike during the full moon and crime rates spike during the full moon. I can tell you first hand because I worked as a newborn photographer for a year and every full moon our manager would email us to warn us that the days leading up to and following the full moon would be BUSY.

It’s no wonder that throughout our evolution we evolved around the natural rhythms of the earth: the rising and setting of the sun and the 28 day moon cycle. Personally I think it’s beautiful to think that there was once a time where women were synced up to the stars. There is an innate feminine power that lies in this: with every full moon comes the potential for the conception of a new life. With every new moon there comes a time to withdraw inward. It touches on something wild within all of us.

Which is why I wanted to write this blog post. I’m breaking down some simple practices that can help you sync up with the moon so you can harness the feminine power of the stars.

my moon phase app


The first thing to do is try to learn the actual cycle of the moon so we can begin to incorporate the following practices. The Moon phase app is a great resource to help keep you connected to the lunar calendar. It tells you EVERYTHING, I mean it’s super detailed. It even tells you moonrise and moonset times, when the moon will be highest in the sky and even the golden hour for moon photography. Download this app for free and start tracking.

moon bathing


Moon bathing is a wonderful and simple practice that helps to sync you up with the moon. I once went on a ten day trek through a national park in Mongolia, where we walked with our tent and food on our back. Let me tell you after spending just ten days COMPLETELY synced up to the rhythms of the earth, my patterns totally changed. I was falling asleep by 9 pm and on one of the last days of the trek, ON THE NEW MOON, I started my period. It doesn’t take long for our bodies to register because that is how they evolved. Moon bathing is just like sunbathing. It essentially involves getting direct moon light to your skin for at least 15 min. You can do this by camping during the full moon and sitting by the fire, or simply by taking a stroll in a more rural area under the full moon. If you are lucky enough to have a sky light in your car you can even take a drive to more rural area, play dark side of the moon and bask in the glow of the moon light through while sitting warm in your car.

spending time with other women during the full moon


I’m not the first one to tell you that women’s cycle can sync up because of our pheromones that are released. Which is why there is no better Time than during the full moon to gather together and practice some sisterly bonding. This helps us more ways than one, not only are we amplifying the effect of the moon because of our pheromones but it is chance to mentally and emotionally sync with the moon. The full moon is tied to ovulation, and during ovulation our need for social connection and feminine expression is at its highest. It’s during the full moon that we can lean into this by gathering together and going with the flow of feminine expression. In ancient times that was having a full moon ceremony and dancing under the moonlight. These days it might just look like going dancing with the girls, sharing our deepest thoughts and feelings or maybe just going camping together. Whatever this looks like for you, take some time and celebrate the next full moon with some girlfriends.

black out curtains


As I’ve already mentioned we are creature of light and darkness. Our hormones respond to light. There are loads of studies coming out right now all about how the artificial light we are exposed to at night disrupt our natural hormonal rhythms and prevent the production of sleep hormones. For this same reason, if you are trying to sync with the moon it’s important to honor the natural moonlight rhythms as well. Unfortunately because of all the street lights outside our windows we are basically bathing in artificial light every night. For this reason, I highly recommend blackout curtains. Sleeping with these will help to mimic when the moon light has diminished and also will improve the quality of your sleep in general.



Finally the last practice to help you sync up with the rhythms of the Earth is by simply sticking your feet in it. Earthing literally means placing your bare feet in the soil, so your skin can connect with the magnetic field of the earth. There is a great book where you can read about all the studied benefits of earthing HERE. Basically what they have found is that it is anti-inflammatory, helps to actually regulate cortisol levels and reset your circadian rhythm so you sleep better and deeper. You literally are syncing up with Mother Earth.  You can think of this as your FREE natural human charger. I love to feel soft soil and grass under my feet while reading a book on a spring afternoon. If nothing else, it’s relaxing. 😉

There you have it ladies 5 tools to help you sync with not only the moon but also the natural rhythms of nature, so you can feel like a vibrant goddess every menstrual cycle.