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 A Step-by-Step Diet And Lifestyle Program That Helps to alleviate severe PMS, hormonal acne, fatigue, stubborn weight loss, hair loss, low libido and repair irregular or nonexistent periods.


What If I could show you how to balance your hormones naturally so you can finally feel good in your body again?

Are you tired of suffering through painful PMS symptoms every month?

Have you spent $$$ on countless skin care products that have yet to fix your acne?

Do you want to get pregnant but aren’t even having your period?

Scared what will happen if you come off the Birth control pill?



you are not alone



Every year, millions of women are suffering from hormonal conditions and imbalances. They take “magic” pills, try restrictive diets or cleanses, and try expensive skin and hair products.

In the end, nothing is truly resolved. The acne returns, the hair continues to fall out, and their periods are as unpredictable as the weather. They regain the weight they lost (if any), and still feel exhausted and stressed out.


I’m Here To Put A Stop To The Madness!



I’m Marie Skubic, a certified transformational nutrition coach and certified hormone specialist. I help women balance their hormones using a simple, step-by-step solution that focuses on the body, mind, and spirit so you can finally have healthy and happy hormones !

For years I’ve been studying psychology, spirituality, nutrition and the human body and have discovered the truth about how to live for ultimate health and wellness. Since then, I’ve helped women, just like you, transform their bodies and lives for good.


I have developed a 7 step signature system that helps to alleviate:


painful cramps



mood swings

hormonal migraines

feeling bloated

low libido

scanty/missing periods


irregular periods.


I was


like you


my rock bottom

When I was 23 and living in China I quit taking the birth control pill and my health completely collapsed. I didn’t have a period for 6 months, my acne was worse than ever, I had crazy mood swings, I gained 10 pounds that would not budge.

I was a hormonal wreck.

At my worst, my hair was dry,  frizzy and started to fall out and my energy levels were so low I could hardly get out of bed to go to work. 


I had enough


After years of going through my own health journey I came to realize that medications aren’t the only answer. For years I took antibiotics and BC pills for my acne only to find that once I came off my health spiraled out of control.

My attempt at masking the symptoms only made things worse in the end.

Expensive shampoos, skin products and fad diets and cleanses did nothing for me. I was sick of “quick” fixes and wanted a real solution. Whether you are suffering from PMS, PCOS, overly frequent periods or mysteriously missing periods, you have probably tried quick fixes alone to no avail.


My own transformation:


There were many ups and downs over the years in my healing journey but through studying, changing my diet and lifestyle, and working with the right functional medicine practitioner, I started to see real change. 

Ironically, after nourishing my body and giving it what it needed, I started to see results so dramatic that it seemed like magic.

My skin cleared and my complexion was even better than when I was on BC pill, something I always thought was “genetic.” My periods came back and were regular. My hair stopped falling out and returned to its original shiny luster. I dropped the water retention and bloat. My nails were thicker than ever, my digestion improved, and best of all I had more energy than ever. For the first time in my life I felt like I was glowing with vibrancy and confidence from the inside out.

What I learned was that permanent change occurs in every facet of your being.


I wanted to create something that could not only help you balance your hormones but could transform your life.


the harmony



the 7 steps of the




step 1: Hone in the whole picture

This is where we Gather your personal information so that I get a picture of your whole health journey and analyze this information to create a plan.


step 2: Accurate personal plan

NO cookie cutter plans here! We will co-create a personalized diet plan and set goals for our time working together.


step 3: Replace the kryptonite

First we will remove the kryptonite: sources of stress, toxins and food sensitivities. Then we will replace the kryptonite with nourishing food and lifestyle practices.


step 4: Manage the body systems

We will support the body systems, such as hormones, digestion and detoxification through herbs, supplementation, lifestyle and yoga therapy. I will also teach you how to decode your symptoms so that you understand what your body is trying to tell you about how your body systems are functioning and what is out of balance.


step 5: Optimize mind and spirit

We will work together on psychological reframing through rewiring the brain and reprogramming limiting beliefs that are sabotaging your efforts. We will also support strengthening your feminine energy through self care practices and spiritual practices that will finally bring peace to the chaos and help you to truly tune in with your body. 


step 6: Narrow down weakness

In this stage we will re-evaluate to see if there is anything that isn’t working for you and re-adjust as needed or work to further optimize your lifestyle regimen.


welcome to Yogi status

At this stage you will be feeling radiant and glowing from the inside out!  Although your journey may not yet be over, you will be in a much more stable place to continue independently. At this stage we will work on empowering you with the knowledge and tools you need to feel like a yogi master over your health.


How it works


I offer month to month coaching subscriptions with little commitment and freedom to quit the following month.

I have designed 3 separate packages to meet the needs of anyone who wants to work with me to get their health back!

each package includes personalized coaching and support.


Every month you will receive 2 exciting bonuses as part of your chosen subscription!


what makes this program different???

  • My approach is designed to help you help yourself. I empower you with the tools you need to feel in control instead of feeling like a victim to your symptoms.


  • Unlike other fad diets out there, this is NOT a “one fits all approach” It is completely personalized to YOU! when it comes to the perfect diet and lifestyle, I believe in bio-individuality.


  • Tired of dealing with the side effects of expensive medications?  my approach doesn’t just treat the symptoms but we work together to get to the root of your health problems.  


You deserve a body that is healthy, strong, and powerful.





Can You Imagine THIS?

Imagine stepping out of the house with NO MAKEUP and glowing clear skin

Imagine having healthy regular periods effortlessly and painlessly every month.

Never again feel like the victim of your body! Imagine feeling empowered and feeling like your understand you body and how to work with it.

Imagine jumping out of bed with bounds of energy and vitality.

Imagine getting zest back in your life and in your romantic relationships.

Start Living Your Dream Life TODAY! 

After working with Marie I am a completely changed person, her coaching is truly transformational. I lost 20 pounds, I have so much more energy, she helped me to safely come off birth control pill so now I have healthy regular cycles with no PMS. Best of all Marie’s program helped me to overcome limiting beliefs and self-esteem issues stemming far back into my childhood. I have gone through therapy before with no real lasting relief or changes, however her coaching program was more powerful. I feel more safe and empowered in my own body and mind, as well as more at peace in my life. Marie helped me to uncover past trauma and heal from it so that I could discover my authentic self. I think of Marie as a guide to help you discover your true self, unlike other therapies that are more passive with less results. I would recommend Marie to anyone that is looking for transformations in their mind, body, and spirit.
— Celeste

your investment

VIP PACKAGE: $600/ month

Gold lotus Package: $210/month

Silver lotus Package: $130/ month


what’s included

weekly private in person session in your home

each session includes: 40 min of one on one yoga session+ 40 min of coaching session

welcome packet

10 day cleanse to kick you off

personalized nutrition plan

this package includes monthly personalized supplements

email support any day of the week


1 personalized 20 min yoga sequence every week

personalized meal plan every week

free access to any and all other paid programs I offer

introductory in person and hands on grocery shopping and meal prep tour.

plus monthly bonuses


what’s included

weekly 45 min sessions

welcome packet

10 day cleanse to kick you off

personalized nutrition plan

personalized supplement recommendations

email support any day of the week


personalized 20 min Yoga sequence every week

1 emergency call/ month

plus monthly bonuses



2 Bi-weekly 45 min sessions/month

welcome packet

10 day cleanse to kick you off

personalized nutrition plan

personalized supplement recommendations

email support any day of the week

plus monthly bonuses


This is for you if:

You are suffering from painful, irregular or heavy periods.

You can’t get out of bed in the morning.

Your hormonal migraines are crippling.

You haven’t had your period in months.

You can’t ovulate and get pregnant no matter how hard you try.

Your hair is dry and falling out, you acne makes you want to hide and your nails are brittle.

You have been diagnosed with: PCOS, PMDD, thyroid disorders or amenorrhea.

You have come off birth control pill and you don’t feel the same.


You can change everything for only $8 a day.

The price of Lunch at Subway!!


When I followed the program and was eating clean, I lost about 10 pounds! I feel more energized now that I take my supplements I need. I now notice how sugar makes me feel sick to my stomach and in the worst mood. It was great not only learning more about my body and habits, but feeling like I had support and no judgement. I Felt very safe and understood! It’s nice having someone to hold you accountable rather than just trying to do so yourself. She really pushed me to think deeply about my habits and lifestyle and I think it was really important to consider emotions and life experiences to understand all my habits and relationship with food and body. I would absolutely work with Marie again because of Marie’s genuine care and interest in me and in my journey, and her knowledge and resources that she shared with me. It’s more than just hormones the Mind, body and soul are all included and addressed.
— Margaux

every month, you will receive 2 exciting monthly bonuses like :

911 Fall Off The Wagon Cheat Sheet

Holiday Survival Guide

Symptoms Decoder Cheat Sheet

hormone Blocker cheat sheet

blood sugar management cheat sheet

healthy desserts resource guide

affiliate product discounts

PMS recovery toolkit

clearing an acne breakout guide

Over 60 Healthy Delicious Recipes

Grocery Shopping Guide

 Meal plan Template and Guide

Daily Habits Checklist. 

Stress Management Toolkit

and so much more!!


My HARMONY money back guarantee:

IF you aren’t seeing any results and aren’t happy working together after 30 days I will give you a 100% refund!! There is no risk in working together, only the potential of changing your health and your life for good!


Frequently asked questions:


  • What if I don’t live near you?? No worries! I open the option of working virtually through Skype with all of my clients.

  • What if I Want to work together but feel I like it is out of my price range?? This program is an investment in your health and the results could be priceless. That being said I offer different priced packages to meet the needs of anyone who wants to go through this program.

  • What if this program doesn’t work for me?? I totally get being disappointed with products in the past, but this is not a product this is a diet and lifestyle transformation, I am so confident you will see results I stand by my 30 day money back guarantee so there is NO RISK in working together.

  • What if I am interested but I’m not sure if this program is a right fit for me??This program is designed to be completely bio-individual, meaning it is designed around YOU. Still not sure?  Hop on the phone with me for a free 20 min discovery call to find out if this is really for you.



P.S. I get it, It’s scary to take a leap of faith for your health, but this is the safest bet you could take because even if you don’t get results I will refund 100% of your money.